Our Littles comprise, infants, toddlers and preschoolers:

Infants – 6 weeks through age 1

Children in this group are not yet toddling. Ministry is conveyed mainly through nurturing and example.

Toddlers – 1 to 2 years old

Children in this group are mobile but still not yet able to receive the rigors of a curriculum. Ministry is conveyed mainly through praise and worship, bible stories and object lessons.

  • Behavioral Objectives
    • Potty trained
    • Can follow simple verbal commands
    • Can sit at a table
    • Can feed himself/herself and drink from a cup without a top.
    • Separates in a reasonable amount of time from a parent
  • Spiritual/Intellectual Objectives
    • Knows the name of Jesus
    • Can close eyes and bow head for prayer
    • Can sing praise & worship songs
Preschool – 3 years old through 4 years old

Children in this group are able to receive the curriculum in “little bites.” Although they are not yet literate, they can follow the narrative structure and grasp the basic concepts. 

  • Behavioral Objectives
    • Can follow directions 
    • Can take turns when playing simple games
    • Is able to solve problems he/she has with other children.
  • Spiritual Objectives
    • Can participate in a full praise and worship session
    • Can say a basic prayer
    • Can identify a Bible
  • Intellectual Objectives
    • Has memorized one scripture
    • Knows 10 books of the Bible
    • Can recount 3 Bible stories