Primary – 5 years old through 7 years old

Children in this group are literate and are able to follow a basic curriculum. Can grasp concrete examples, but are not yet able to discuss abstract notions.

  • Behavioral Objectives
    • Follows class rules consistently
      • Does not talk out of turn
      • Keeps hands to self
      • Stays seated
    • Listens attentively to class instruction.
    • Participates in classroom clean-up chores.
    • Interacts and shares with other children peacefully and cooperatively.
  • Spiritual Objectives
    • Actively participates in praise and worship
    • Can engage in 3 different kinds of prayer
    • Can navigate a Bible
  • Intellectual Objectives
    • Knows the ABCs of Salvation
    • Knows 30 books of the Bible and understands the differences between the testaments
    • Understands basic church history