Juniors – 8 years old through 11 years old

Children in this group are literate and able to discuss abstract ideas.

  • Behavioral Objectives
    • Is a model class citizen demonstrating good behavior for others to follow.
      • Does not talk out of turn
      • Keeps hands to self
      • Stays seated
    • Listens to and leads in basic class instruction.
    • Leads classroom clean-up chores.
    • Mentors younger children
  • Spiritual Objectives
    • Actively leads praise and worship
    • Knows the model prayer and can pray variations of it for all five types of prayer
    • Can easily find scriptures in a Bible
  • Intellectual Objectives
    • Knows the principles of salvation
    • Knows all of the books of the Bible and understands its structure
    • Understands God’s plan of salvation from Genesis through Revelations