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Leadership Team Meeting Minutes 11-24-13

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Leadership Team Meeting Minutes 11-24-13
by Emory Woodard - Friday, 29 November 2013, 11:31 AM

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WoF Kids! Leadership  Meeting Minutes

November 24, 2013


Attendance: Pastor Keith Echols, Minister Riena Echols, Amy Barnes, Malcolm Brown, Lisa Brown, Raushaunah Echols, Minister Earl Harris, Beverly Powers, Emory Woodard, Talia Woodard

  1. Re-connecting with our purpose
    1. Heart-felt appreciation for hard work of leadership staff
    2. Will redouble efforts in 2014 to ensure that leadership staff is on the same page:

                      i.     Understand, internalize and commit to mission of the ministry

                              1.  I.N.H.I.M.

                                   Introduce children to Christ

                                   Nurture their relationship with Christ

                                   Help children to help others (Ministry of reconciliation)

                                   Identify and cultivate gifts

                                  Mentor children for the next step in the ministry.

                               2. Need to work together to move in the same direction to the same goal.

                         ii.     Be sure that leaders are accessing and promoting web resources.

                  3. Training to be held January 11th, 2014 for all staff

                  4. Pastor asked leadership team members to examine their commitments to various ministries to ensure they are able to commit to the              responsibilities of Children’s Church.

                 5. Pastor reiterated the need for a certain person to attend service more regularly (serve no more than twice a month).

2. Solicit greater parental support – Need parents to be more involved with the spiritual lives of their children

                1. Special parents service

                      i.     Pastor wants us to conduct a session with parents during a Sunday service to acquaint them with what we do and connect them with the resources we provide.

                    ii.     Need to figure out the logistics for such a session

      1. Will we have Children’s Church that Sunday?
      2. Who will conduct the session? Pastor? Leadership Team?
      3. What room will we use? Imagine that a significant proportion of sanctuary may be coming up.

                  2. Class/Ministry on Parenting

                                               i.     Emory proposed doing a Saturday class on parenting

                                              ii.     Pastor indicated that he would minister on parenting.

                  3. Require parents to pick up and drop off children to classroom to see what is happening  

                                               i.     Move to a universal registration process where all people check-in/are checked-in at the church reception desk

                                              ii.     After check-in, parents will accompany child to classroom

                  4. Serve as volunteers in support role on a limited basis (4 times a year)

                                               i.     Snack helpers

                                              ii.     Before/after service care

                                            iii.     Teacher’s aide

                        5. Showcase children’s ministry in the sanctuary more regularly (4 times a year- 5th Sundays)

                                               i.     Involve children in Faith & Family Fifth Sunday service

          1. Welcome?
          2. Ushers
          3. Prayer?
          4. Testimonials?

                                              ii.     Ensure that children are able to minister with excellence prior to service

  1. Enhance security
    1. Get security to help monitor 2nd floor

                                               i.     No child or youth should be unsupervised on second floor

                                              ii.     Monitor hall to ensure child safety during trips to bathroom other classrooms

                  2. Ensure that only authorized parents or appropriate designee picks ups child. Parents who do not comply should be brought to the attention of Pastor.

                  3. Children's Praise & Worship

      1. Develop a staple of songs that children sing regularly
      2. Identify songs that children can sing every Sunday for a quarter that will then be ministered on the Fifth Sunday.
      3. Develop Children’s Praise & Worship Team

                                               i.     Train team of committed children on how to lead praise and worship.

                                              ii.     Need to find a rehearsal time that does not conflict with ministry on Sundays

  1. Mix current Story curriculum with special themes
    1. After discussing several options and having a follow-up conversation with Pastor, Pastor will develop outlines of material he would like covered and Emory will add supporting activities for the various levels so that all classes get thematic coverage
    2. 21 weeks will be devoted to special series.
    3. Calendar will be developed for the year and materials will be hosted online.