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Faith & Fun Fifth Sunday?

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Faith & Fun Fifth Sunday?
by Emory Woodard - Tuesday, 25 March 2014, 1:29 PM

WoFKids! is contemplating a change to what we do on Faith & Family Fifth Sundays. As you know, we usually use Fifth Sunday as an opportunity to let the children experience our Sunday worship service in the sanctuary with their families. This week, we would like to try something a little different. We would like to do a Faith & Fun Sunday with the children upstairs.

Children will have an opportunity to cash in their Bible Bucks for prizes and for our first fun Sunday, we will have the kids watch a movie, complete with drinks and hot-buttered popcorn.  We will show a part of The Bible miniseries from the History Channel in preparation for our Easter activities. In the future, we may use the fun Sunday to play games, do special crafts or have other special presentations.

One of the goals of Faith & Fun Sunday is to create an outreach opportunity for our children. Last Sunday, we encouraged all of our kids to invite their friends to join them for a fun time where they will get the Word in a fun package.  Another motivation behind Faith & Family Fifth Sunday was to give our staff a break and as a consequence we will be relying on volunteers to make fun Sunday’s work. Please drop me a note if you are willing to help out on our fun Sunday!