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Resurrection Art

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Resurrection Art
by Emory Woodard - Saturday, 5 April 2014, 9:18 AM

For the next two Sundays (1st and 2nd) we will be doing art ministry for Easter. Please join me in praying for a tremendous move of God through this creative effort. Preschool through juniors will meet together in room 222/224. We will start with prayer and brief praise and worship. We will then do a brief teaching on the passion of Christ from the curriculum. I ask teachers to think about an engaging approach to the material that can be conveyed to the broad audience. We will then share some example art,  distribute the materials (watercolor pencils and paper and the host of usual supplies we have on hand) and let the children go for it. We have t-shirts that could be used as smocks or art media. 

Anyone interested in helping is welcome to come up. Please let me know of any artistic youth who would be mature enough to assist with this effort.