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Leadership Meeting Notes & Prayer Calendar

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Leadership Meeting Notes & Prayer Calendar
by Emory Woodard - Sunday, 31 January 2016, 7:26 AM

Check out a recording of the full meeting here: http://villanova.adobeconnect.com/p7adefeabej/

Here are the notes from the meeting:


  • Curriculum
    • Given feedback to date, we will stick with the current Nursery and Children’s Church Curriculum
    • We will continue to solicit and evaluate options
    • We will revisit curriculum again after parent/staff survey
  • Registration Changes
    • Discussed new registration process
      • Reception desk location
      • Use of walkie-talkies
    • May develop key tags to further expedite process
    • May recruit new staff for registration
  • New Recruits
    • Several individuals expressed interest in joining the ministry
    • Two new recruits scheduled
    • Still coordinating with others
  • Survey
    • Collected updated contact information from parents
    • Will conduct survey in advance of training session
  • Wednesday Nights
    • Very low turnout
    • Staffing only available for 1st and 4th
  • New Year’s Eve
    • Pastor had us try something new this year, instead of hosting Nursery we served 4-9 year olds.
    • Success! Children seemed to enjoy the experience.
    • Will solicit feedback from nursery parents to see if we should staff both age groups.
  • CDs/Streaming
    • Still trying to work out process to get staff the word when they serve.
      • Need to avoid wasting CDs
      • Staff only get CDs when other ministry needs are met (e.g., VIP, Bookstore sales)
      • Staff leave prior to CD availability
      • Staff should check with me the week after serving to get the CD
    • Will check with Pastor to approve access to streaming recordings of service to get the word to staff more quickly and efficiently.


  • Training tentatively scheduled for February 27th (9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm) pending confirmation from Pastor
  • Format
    • Led by Supervisors
      • Amy – Praise & Worship/ Children’s Choir
      • Min. Earl – Discipline
      • Raushanah – Prayer
      • Beverly – Drama & puppets
      • Deacon Malcolm – Games
      • Emory - Curriculum

2016 Events

  • Easter March 27th
    • Need to check with Pastor to see if children can sit in the sanctuary for the Easter play
    • If not, we will need to develop alternative activities for children that do not compete with the play but engage the large number of children who typically join us.
  • VBS?
    • We will solicit interest in a Vacation Bible School this summer.
    • Need to avoid conflicting with the Kiddie Campus summer camp.
  • Back to School – Late August
  • Harvest – Around October 31st (Monday this year?!?!?)
  • Christmas?
    • Caroling
    • Dramatic Presentation
    • Outreach?
  • Fifth Sundays?
    • Started to host a fun day on fifth Sundays but moved away from it.
    • Should we bring the fun day back, develop other programming or stick with Faith and Family Sunday?

Attached is the Prayer Calendar. These are themes we hope to cover during preliminaries and classroom downtime each month in addition to the curriculum,