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Spring Updates Part 2!

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Spring Updates Part 2!
by Emory Woodard - Friday, 25 March 2016, 7:08 AM


Due to a server error, I am not sure everyone received this message circulated earlier. Here it is again, just to make sure. We really can use a few more volunteers for Sunday...

Praise the Lord Everyone!

As we celebrate the passion and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, I just wanted to offer a few updates about our awesome ministry to children:

  • Easter Sunday - We have a fun-filled day planned for our children complete with games, crafts and food. I sincerely appreciate the 4th Sunday team and additional volunteers who will be serving. WE CAN USE A FEW MORE VOLUNTEERS! Please respond to this note if you can help. The sanctuary service will be streamed live to the classrooms and your mobile devices. Reply to this message if you can be a blessing.
  • Website - The children's church website has been moved to a new server and has a new address. While the old url should still work, you may now access our webpage by going directly to http://wofkids.orgTo ensure your easy access, I updated all usernames and passwords. Your username (all lowercase) is your first initial and full last name (e.g., Bob Jones has the username bjones). Your new password is wofkids!. It is all lowercase and should include the ! at the end.
  • Lesson materials - On the updated website you will see that the lessons for preschool through juniors have been organized differently. All lessons are numbered and there is a dated index on the right sidebar. Look on the right sidebar for the date that you will be serving to see what lesson you will be ministering and then download the materials accordingly.
  • Training rehash- I will post the minutes from the fantastic training we hosted a couple of weeks ago. I want to thank Pastor for joining us and lending his usual keen insights. Some exciting changes are coming and I cannot wait to announce them.

That is all for now. As usual, let me know of any questions you may have! I can best be reached at 302-299-7553.

In Him,