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Harvest Festival THANK YOU!

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Harvest Festival THANK YOU!
by Emory Woodard - Saturday, 2 November 2013, 6:16 AM

Wow! What an amazing event! Praise the Lord of the harvest! Praise God for all of you!

I want to send out some special notes of appreciation to those who helped make the event as special as it was. Sis. Raushanah, Amy, Brother Walter, Talia  were great with set up. Min. Echols and Kennae were masterful with Registration. Min. Earl, Sis. Lynette and his gastronomical team of culinary elites made hot dogs and nachos taste like filet mignon and crescent rolls. Talia and Amy are ready to go on tour. Brother Phil was great and how about the dancing of WoF Kids!' own Jaiden and Nylah? All that they did, Jaiden choreographed and she is only 10! Sister Dee, Dimples, Bro. Andre, Brother Maurice made some amazing images that will debut in our own Harvest Festival film soon. Our resident Game Master, Bro. Malcolm was brilliant in creating a carnival game atmosphere. All of our game hosts and hostesses (Tiffany, Betsy, Lauren, Tavii, DC, Al, Maurice, Candice, Beverly,  and a bunch of folks I did not get a chance to catch up with!) were fabulous! Sisters Robin, Elena and Evelyn were wonderful cultivated some young Picassos with their arts and crafts. Did anyone get a chance to taste Sister Elena's chocolate covered pretzels? Just divine! Sisters Sandra, Andrea, Evelyn and Minister Darlene kept the lines moving as the kids got their candy and went home.  Last but far from least was our own Homequetta. She was absolutely phenomonal at keep the kids entertained and engaged. We have yet to confirm her true identity so check out the image below and let me know if you have any details! Thank you!